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The Anthem of the Northern Reaches: Septentrion Rise

Kuling Oðinsson

King of Cloadan
Site Supporter
Mar 16, 2016
Gold Crowns
Bronze Pieces
House Membership
The Kingdom of Alexandria, The Kingdom of Cloadania
Character Race
Borne from volcanic terrain and gelid sastrugi

Enduring the crucible of epochs elapsed,

A civilisation ancient and sage

Pioneers forward and defends the forsaken.

Exemplify thy venerable boreal legacy

So may Septentrion rise.

From the verdant coasts of our orient

And the glacial hallowed peaks of our occident,

The origin of civilisations of yore

And cultural endowments innumerable,

Elucidate and shepherd our southron brethren

So may Septentrion rise.

Northern industry forged from adversity

And sustained by the bounty of our homeland

Is toiled on by a confederation of septentrional peoples;

Hear! Find strength in the winds of change,

So may Septentrion rise.

O’ thy unyielding cliffs of Falcongarde—

Hark the blossoming conifers of Frostwood—

Herald the conflagrant tuyas of Lake Thor and

The august metropoles of our orient.

For our ancestors, for our homeland,

For Septentrion, rise!