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[OPEN] Choose Your Own Adventure: A Summoning to Selsmire Palace


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Aug 26, 2015
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Option 3:
The setting sun's radiant rays bathed the the temple in amber as calm encased the mind. A lone messenger hawk screech as it flew to the message stand, where a young disciple stood watch. Once fully settled, the disciple took the message from the hawk's pack and read it, as the hawk soared back into the sky. The disciple took the message, after reading that it was addressed to the Master, into the library, where Kasu spent most of his time.
The walk to the library was always filled with serenity and made one walk without haste, turning a brisk walk into a promenade with a subtle touch. The retention pond and the statues glowed wholesomely as the setting sun shine on them. As he came back from his thoughts, he found himself kneeling at the Master's table, presenting the letter.

"Grandmaster, a correspondence arrived for you. It is addressed from her Highness's Chamberlain." The disciple spoke as he handed the note and lowered his head.

"Very well." Kasu stated with content as he took hold of the message, reading it carefully. After he finished studying it, he gently set it to the side a grabbed a piece of parchment and a brush.

Your Royal Majesty, Queen Hyacinth,

While I am grateful and humbled by your request of me. I must morosely state that I will not be in attendance, for I do not wish to go. This is, of course, not intended with offense to you. However, I do not wish to be around so many people and must attend to my students at my temple.

With honour, Grandmaster Kasu of House Odinsson.

"Send this at once." Kasu calmly said as he rolled and sealed the letter with his seal.

The disciple nodded with assurance and quickly jogged to the messenger coop, where he prepared another hawk to take the letter down the mountain.