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Lapis Dynist


Subject of the South
Jan 30, 2018
Gold Crowns
Bronze Pieces
Your Character's Name: Lapis Dynist
Your Character's Age: 26
Religious Belief: None
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Birthplace: Kitania
Species/Race: Human/Fire demon
Marital Status: single
Does your character have any children? If so, provide basic details.
Companions/pets: none
What does your character look like? (physique, height, hair colour, eyes, skin tone, etc. Otherwise pictures are nice too.)
He has light brown hair, yellow eyes and wears an overcoat with pants

Character Traits and Personality
(If you provide good traits, you must also provide negative traits that are equal to, or higher.)
Your Characters Likes: His little brother, flames, nice people(He doesn't meet very many) animals and forests
Your Characters Dislikes: Water, being really high up and
Good Habits: He likes to take out criminals and those who have done wrong
Bad Habits: He can zone out a lot
Good Characteristics: He protects anyone in danger
Character flaws: He never knew his parents well
Strengths: Fire and lightning magic, intelligence and hand-to-hand combat
Weaknesses: He can't swim and doesn't handle cold well
Personality: A really empathetic and kind person
Hobbies/Interests: He likes to cook meat and soup
Pet Peeves: None he doesn't care
Any Specific Behaviors He tends to show that he's not threatening
Does Your Character Have Any Phobias? None
Does Your Character Have any Quirks?
Gets nervous when lots of people approach him at once
Any Morals and/or Values?
His own little brother
What Does Your Character Never Leave the House Without?
His overcoat that his mother gave him at a young age
Attributes, Education and Training
(If you provide good skills and attributes, you must also provide skill and attribute weaknesses that are equal to, or higher.)
Character's Class: Mage
Occupation: Bounty hunter
Best Skills: Fire magic and hand-to-hand combat
Worst Skills: He can't really use any other magic besides fire
Education: He was trained by an archmage and has become one of the best fire mages to live
Goals and Ambitions: He wants to rid of criminals
Does your character speak any languages?
He speaks many different kinds
Accent/Speech Pattern (dialects, accents, etc.) if any: None
Everyday Equipment: His adamantine blade from his master, his overcoat and his map

Past and Present
Lapis was born a with a odd condition so Lapis was sent off to an archmage at the age of five where he was supposed to be bound up forever but the archmage saw opportunity. He was trained for seventeen years he returned to Kitania for 2 months until they were attacked. His defenses weren't going well until there was a huge explosion. He knew Jorago had put on the ring but Lapis survived barely. Lapis went to Alexandria seeking a new life but only found trouble. Now he's trying his hardest to find his brother and start a new life.
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