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[Closed] Letters from the Heart

Queen Hyacinth Moltera

Sovereign of Alexandria
Sep 7, 2014
Gold Crowns
Bronze Pieces
House Membership
Character Race
Common Human
The warm presence of the Princess had left the Queen wanting. She missed the warmth, kindness, and erudite approach to life of her Granddaughter. Above all, she feared for her wellbeing. The North was not like the South. The climate was harsh, and the land largely infertile. Lyssa had grown up in the South on a diet of the freshest produce and the finest game. Even stil, she was a Moltera woman, and would not shy away from the challenges, that Hyacinth was sure of.

Dearest Granddaughter,

I pray with all my heart that this letter finds you well, and that the ceaseless winter of my Northern lands has not cooled the fire within your heart. I have knelt before my confessor as the sun rises and sets, praying that you may soon be with child. As a Princess, your virtue, learning, and beauty were your greatest weapons against your enemies. Now, you are far more than a Princess or a courtier; you are the Princess Palatine of the North, the wife of a powerful leader, and a very senior member of the Ancient and Noble House. Much rests upon this marriage, one that I and your Grandfather negotiated for more than a year. I trust that you will not disappoint me, as you have never done before.

You cannot trust the Northmen. They were but common farmers raised from dust or fishermen from the ice, as the old Houses fell, overcome by their decadence and treachery to the Crown. You are a Moltera, of noble blood that extends for generations in Alexandria, and of noble ancestry through my own family in Athenia. No men of nobler birth and of greater virtues than your Father, Grandfather and Great Grand Father have ever lived since the Lord Flemingovia himself. To the barbarians that surround you, this is both intimidating and may remind them of their inferiority. You must not enforce any custom of the Heartlands that is too foreign to the North, it is of great importance that you are to be believed to be one of them. This cannot change you, for at your core you are a Moltera and a Heartlander, and you will not forget who you are.

Above all, you must remember your foremost duty to provide a son to your husband, who will carry the name of Moltera. Men treasure their sons above all, and through the provision of a son, your position at Court will be strengthened, and no act of any brother Odinsson may undermine you. Of course, it is my hope that you will have many children, both sons and daughters, and that our numbers in the North will continue to grow. Exercise as much influence upon the Prince as you can, and through any means necessary, you must bring him to heal. For there may come a time where I depart this world, and the throne shall pass to your beloved Uncle, Princes Romic. Some may wish to declare for you, and to plunge this realm into further bloodshed and chaos. You must use the fortress of the North and your husbands position to ensure that this does not transpire, in order to both guarantee your security, and to preserve the succession to the most noblest of princes.

You must give thanks to the Lord Flemingovia, and shut yourself away from all sin and darkness. When you rise each morning, kneel in prayer before Flemingovia. Read the holy texts and sing the holy hymns, even for 30 minutes or so, before you are distracted by the intrigue of Court. In my long life, much has depended on the correct start each morning, and your intentions. Transform even the most indifferent of moods into postitive and productive attitudes. The execution all will rest upon you, for it is your spiritual and temporal happiness. Evening prayers to examine your conscience, but i repeat, the morning prayers and your religious education are the most crucial of matters.

Do not engross yourself in northern literature, however insignificant in may seem, without consulting your confessor. This is far more necessary in the North than other parts of this Kingdom. Books, songs, and poetry of heretic believe is published, and hidden in plain sight. What may appear both erudite and beautiful, may in fact be both dark and shameful, hidden behind the respectable facade of intellectuallity. I therefore beg you not to engage in any such literature, for it will put at risk your pregnancy and the life of your children and family.

I expect you dear Granddaughter to heed my words, trust no Northern barbarian, not even those who claim to be loyal to you. Trust only in your closest Moltera family. I wish only for your happiness and security. Never forget to pray upon the anniversary of your late Grandfather and Father's death, and for mine, when the time does come. Otherwise, keep me in your morning prayers.

With love in my heart, now and always your loving Grandmother;