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Carmus Da'sibbut

Mar 7, 2018
Gold Crowns
Bronze Pieces
Your Character's Name: Carmus Da'sibbut

Your Character's Age: 31

Religious Belief: Lords of Light or the most "Holy" gods

Alignment: Lawful Good

Birthplace: Crownlands

Species/Race: Human

Marital Status: Commoner

Does your character have any children? If so, provide basic details.


What does your character look like? (physique, height, hair color, eyes, skin tone, etc. Otherwise, pictures are nice too.)
He looks a lot like Gawain, from Knightfall. He has brown hair, Blue eyes, and pale skin. When in combat with Dark Forces, he looks like something Divine.

Character Traits and Personality
Very loyal to the Chilveralic Virtues, such as Bravery, Loyalty, Humility, and Sacrifice

(If you provide good traits, you must also provide negative traits that are equal to or higher.)

Your Characters Likes: children, cathedrals, churches, and fighting in the name of the gods.
Your Characters Dislikes Unholy, Criminals, defiled lands.
Good Habits: Praying every night, Alert, and training every day.
Bad Habits: Judging those instantly, when he sees darkness within.
Strengths: Swordsmanship, Weapon Master: Swords and Axes, Shieldsmanship, Mounted Combat, Undead Lore, Demonology
Weaknesses: Intelligence, Occult: "Dark Gods", Zealot of the Gods.

Temperament/Personality: Hot headed
Hobbies/Interests: Hunting down unholy
Pet Peeves: unholy rituals.

Any Morals and/or Values: He has a code of Honor.
What Does Your Character Never Leave the House Without, His armor, and weapons.

Attributes, Education, and Training

(If you provide good skills and attributes, you must also provide skill and attribute weaknesses that are equal to or higher.)

Character's Class:
Best Skills: Swordsmanship, Shieldsmanship, Demonology, and Undead Lore.
Worst Skills: Occult, History, mathematics, charisma, and Intelligence.

Education: Religious and Templar like.
Goals and Ambitions: To smite as much unholy, as he can.
Everyday Equipment: Lenin tabard, chainmail hauberk, leggings, Lenin trousers, plate spaulders, and a Sword that does holy damage, called "Eldrune"
Magic Weapon: Eldrune
Automatically does holy damage.
When fighting unholy creatures or anything associated with unholy magic, he can kill them and "charge up" his weapon, adding a +1 modifier for every 2 unholy denizens, that are slain.