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[The Royal City of Coronpolis] A History

Joshua Moltera

Sovereign of Alexandria
May 3, 2014
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Joshua Moltera
The Kingdom of Alexandria
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Coronpolis came under Alexandrian influence as early as the Second Age (200-299) due to its proximity to the sea routes which saw a flourishing Alexandrian naval and trading power emerge from the contained island that holds the capital of the modern Kingdom. The early Kingdom was much different to what we know today and the titles we use to describe the ancient structures are simply modern interpretations of the past.

The Ancient and Noble House of Moltera is the ancestral ruling House of Counties Ravensguard, Ravenswood and Goldenstrand (now Hyacinth) in the Heartlands of Alexandria. For over three hundred years prior to the Revolution in the 1700s which overthrew House Serpentis, these territories have been ruled by the Margraviate capital in Coronpolis, known as the Ephemeral City prior to House Moltera claiming the Crown during the Revolt against House Serpentis, after which it was titled "The Royal" or "The Crown" City of Coronpolis.

House Moltera has ruled Coronpolis since before Alexandria itself was a Kingdom, although not always under the same name. Once, Coronpolis was surrounded by Dukedoms, Principalities and other Kingdoms to its east, west and north but gradually, the landscape changed.

The Ephemeral City was as much as an inside joke as it was a title used by enemies of the city made strength by her defenders. Many in opposing territories sought to see the coastal city brought low and her vaults open to plunder - and indeed, over the course of the last seven hundred years, there have been many attempts to shatter her walls and rend her gates to pieces. The Coronites refused to allow outsiders to determine their fate, and thus calling Coronpolis the "Ephemeral" city - making their perceived weakness into their strength was born.

The end of the revolution which saw the eldest son of their Landgrave claim the throne of Alexandria itself triggered a shift of emotion and in a matter of years, the title Ephemeral had ceased to be used, for with that victory we ceased to be at mercy to the seas of time: with that victory, Coronpolis became an immortal city, to both its people and to a family that would forevermore stand as the Guardians at their gates.

Memoria, Misericordia et Virtus has been the city's motto for four hundred years, after the first defeat during a conflict with a neighbouring Lord over trade. Coronpolis had asserted its right as a provincial power and spoken on the side of Goldenstrand, a county to the west ruled by allies of Coronpolis. Lakeland reacted poorly, and marshalled a skirmishing force which raided the northern holdings. A raid itself would not have inspired the tragic history behind the motto, it was was razing of every border town within 20 miles of the Lakeland-Ravensguard border which cemented the transmogrification from diplomatic spat to full fledged murder.

Coronpolis and Ravensguard mourned their dead, and as they mourned they grew angry.

As the skies shifted to show the coming of dawn, so did Coronpolis herald the coming of a new age: it would not allow this to happen again. It would hold the memories of the fallen dear, it would have compassion for the weak, and power to defend her people would be theirs.

Memoria, Misericordia et Virtus: Memories, and the Power of Compassion