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[Open] A Drunkard's Trip

Morgan Stormtree

Subject of the South
Jan 9, 2018
Gold Crowns
Bronze Pieces
~Somewhere between the Thor and Halver rivers~

Sax [French Accent]: "Now lemme get things straight. You're accusing me of rape, yet you're the only one who saw me? I don't know madmoiselle, that seems fishy to me, especially considering where I "raped" you."

The guard looks over the albino and flustered whore looking rather tired and thoroughly sick of this argument. The woman, her makeup in a sorry state, stomps on Sax's foot and practically yells in his face.

Woman: Don't you dare try to weasel your way out of this you pig! Everyone at the brothel will agree that you raped me! All you have to do is ask! So just shut up already and submit to arrest like the scrondrel you most clearly are!