‘Rohen fe Zekeibah’ sheds light on cleaners

Director Mohamed Mustafa continues filming the series “Rohen fe Zekeibeh” (Two in a sack); he began filming 10 days ago in the decorations specialized for the new screenplay.

Among the stars participating in the series’ first scenes were Mohammed Osama (Os Os) and Hamdy el Merghany. The series revolves around a social comedy by Louay el Sayed. The series is scheduled to be broadcast in the winter season.

Merghany presents his first leading role in television through the series, in cooperation with Mohammed Osama (Os Os), and with the participation of a group of stars, including Entisar, Ahmed Abdullah Mahmoud, Noha Abdeen and Heidi Refaat.

Scriptwriter Louay el-Sayed pointed out that the idea of the series emerged 2 years ago, clarifying that preparations for the series began in 2017, but were interrupted due to considerations related to production.

As for the cooperation between Merghany and Os Os, Sayed said: “There is no doubt that the two are great comedians that make millions laugh. Personally, I am one of their fans. I think that the time is right for them to play leading roles, especially that they both enjoy great chemistry. During the series, both stars play the roles of brothers, and I am very excited to work with them.”

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