National Airports to collect new fees from passengers departing Egypt

Egypt’s Ministry of Civil Aviation announced collecting fees on passengers leaving Egypt on board regular or charter flights, to pay the services they receive at Egyptian airports.

The fees will be equal to $25 for each passenger, according to the decision published by the country’s official gazette on Wednesday.

Civil Aviation Minister Younes al-Masry said that each of the passengers of domestic flights will pay $5 as a fee.

EgyptAir, the national flag carrier, will be granted a 50 percent discount on the fees for landing,parking and accomodation of its aircraft, which they usually pay, according to the decree.

Sources in the Civil Aviation Ministry said in press remarks that the decision to increase the fees will highly contribute to developing the airports, as it is set to be applied to passengers in the various airports nationwide starting November.

The sources noted that the fees did not increase in the past six years.

The fees will be indirectly collected, as they will be part of the price of the ticket, the sources revealed.

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