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  2. The Crownlands and The Enlightened City of Alexandria

    For centuries, The Crownlands have been cradled and surrounded by the Heartlands and their politics. In days of old, the Kingdoms of Ravenswrath, Serpentwyre, Heliohold and The Reach along other ancient powers threatened the fledgling city-state of Alexandria. As a result, Alexandria sought expansion and later domination over their neighbours and it slowly although it took several hundred years, achieved it.

    Today, The Crownlands is the centre of the national government and home to many of its political institutions, yet somehow, the Legislature (The Council of Paladia) is based within The Heartlands... was this designed to limit the influence of the Crown or to remove the barriers preventing the Crown from persuading errant Nobles from seeing things their way?
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The Enlightened City and The Crownlands

National Capital and Royal Territory

The Crownlands is the centre of the national government and home to many of its political institutions. See within for a larger description.

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    Alexandria Castle

    Throne of the Sovereign

    For seven hundred years, Alexandria Castle has stood just outside of the capital city surrounded by water on all sides. Originally, it was felt that the security and increased elevation of the island would serve it well, but the capital city has rarely faced any aggression and its sole test was not hostile armies, but the anger of a people who felt their King and deliberately engaged in the abject destruction of a neighbouring Kingdom (Burmecia) while using one of their own as a Martyr in order to justify it in 1773 (7:73).

    In defending their King from the anger of an enraged, agrieved and horrified populace, the Castle was lacking. House Ravenclaw (later known as Moltera) came to the throne following the Revolution, which had been taciturnly supported and stoked by the Heartland nobles aligned with the Ravensguard Margraviate and thus was a new age of Alexandria brought into the world.
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    The Rassendylia Palace and Kingsteck Plaza

    Ministries of State

    In the days of old (the 6th Age), a 'Great Statesman' of Alexandria once governed in the name of justice, fairness and sheer bloodymindedness. Lord Rassendylia of Vazos won hearts, minds and the purses of drunken Lords just by his use of both musical mastery and a not so small gift in divination.

    After coming out triumphant in a wager with the then High-King of House Serpentis, the Palace of the Chancellor (then known as Abydos House for the northern most southern city) was renamed "Rassendylia Palace" in honour of his Household, complete with a statue of the man himself in the Plaza out front so that future Chancellors of Alexandria could look upon his visage and practice their aim.
  3. 44

    The Gardens of St Melysande

    City of Alexandria Roleplay

    Saint Melysande was declared a Saint in the 5th Age by the Church of Flemingovia, and was originally from County Ravensguard where she served as Court Mage to the local Landgrave. These gardens are dedicated to peace and tranquility so all within may know the peace and surety of mind that she enjoyed as she defended those beneath her banner in the days of old.

    These Gardens were renamed from the Gardens of Unanswered Succor following the accession of Joshua I to the throne and the final washing away of the Republican insurrection that had fractured from the Anti-Serpentis Uprising.
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    The Great Castle at Kingsnorth

    The Crownlands Roleplay

    Kingsnorth Castle stands as the home of Kingsguard Command, and with it, the central command of the entire Alexandrian Military Complex. From the Air Service to the Royal Battlemages, all of it is commanded from here. Kingsnorth Castle is without a doubt, the best defended location in Alexandria, surpassing even Alexandria Castle to the south-west in terms of bodies per defensive measure.

    What better place to take a stroll and have lunch on the coast?
  5. 14

    The Nightingale Business District

    The Business District and Marketplace

    No trip to The Enlightened City will ever be complete without a visit to The Nightingale Plaza, the city’s flourishing business district, where wares and trinkets from a dozen or more countries and kingdoms are hawked, bargained and bantered over.

    From Dragonyr to Merridel, Cloadania to Athenia, you can pick up almost anything - and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, one of the traders has a brother or a cousin or a mother who knows where to find - for a price of course.
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